In Memoriam • Antony C. Sutton • 1925-2002

June 17, 2002, a sad day for one and all...

Eminent researcher, author and friend
Antony Sutton — Tony — has passed on.

I received a call from his partner of many years this morning at 5:30am. Tony had gotten up early as was his custom, Marlene heard some noise, went and found Tony on the floor and called paramedics, who pronounced him dead. When Marlene called me, she was waiting for the coroner and wondering what to do. So, she called me.

Tony was an amazing fellow. A person who wouldn't "go along to get along." He was a great man whom the establishment feared because of his principled research, lack of guile and his tenacity to the truth.

I met Tony in the pages of his books. Once I discovered Tony's writings, I devoured every publication I could find. And finding his wasn't easy. Tony's books were never reviewed by the mainstream, they were conspicuously ignored. I mean, what could the powers-that-be do? Tony had their number and kept on following the trail. Tony was a private person, a recluse who didn't bask in the limelight that his underground bestseller drew.

Tony wasn't a "conspiracy" author, he was a technology researcher and journalist. Tony stumbled across some shenanigans whilst he was at the Hoover Institute studying the Soviet Union's technological capabilities and discovered that there were high "unofficial" technological exchanges and the Soviets had western technology that officially they didn't have and the fact that much of the Russian armaments used by the North Vietnamese against American boys, were built with help from the West. He kept following the trail. He wrote his explosive Wall Street series and then came the packet about Skull and Bones. He wrote a series of small books about Skull and Bones, he couldn't get them printed here, so they were printed in Australia. Finally, a Mom & Pop print shop in Montana, said "what do ya mean, nobody will publish it?" And so Liberty House Press was formed and they printed Tony's book for many years. It sold steady for many years without fanfare, but Tony had been hoping for more.

Here is an excerpt from Tony's new preface from his most recent edition of his magnum opus:
“America's Secret Establishment has had little publicity, few reviews, ignored by mainline distributors, yet has sold steadily for the past 16 years at a rate of several hundred copies a month. This activity, in turn, has generated other articles and books by other authors. But my real intent, to generate an exploration of Hegelian influence in modern America, has not been fulfilled. In great part, this can be attributed to an educational system based on a statist-Hegelian philosophy, and which has already achieved the dumbing down of America. This disastrous, destructive philosophy, the source of both Naziism and Marxism, has infected and corrupted our constitutional republic. Much of the blame for this corruption is with an elitist group of Yalie Bonesmen. Their symbol of Skull and Bones and their Hegelian philosophy, say it all, although, with typical duplicity, they would have you believe otherwise. Hegelianism glorifies the State, the vehicle for the dissemination of statist and materialist ideas and policies in education, science, politics and economics.”

So, as a tribute to Tony, please let us begin to understand the reality of our situation and the Hegelian ploys used to keep our republic in chains of ignorance, greed and imbalance.

’Tis a sad day, but we who live by our actions may change the world for our children and their children.

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.

PS: Yesterday, and for a while, I have been getting "friendly" calls telling me that Skull & Bones is dangerous group and that I should watch out.

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Peace, Om
Kris Millegan, Publisher, TrineDay

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